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Electrosmog - EM Fields

People working at the Antenneburea, the municipal health services and at local authorities are regularly asked about electromagnetic fields in residential areas. The measurement of electromagnet fields is a discipline in a field of its own that calls for knowledge of the area, measurement methods and equipment and the current limits.

EM fields
EM radiation has been present since the beginning of the universe. Light is its most familiar manifestation. Electrical and magnetic fields form part of a spectrum running from static EM fields through radio frequencies and infrared radiation to X-rays. Electrical fields are caused by differences in voltage: the bigger the voltage difference, the stronger the resulting field. Magnetic fields are formed when an electrical current travels through a wire. An electrical field can even come about if there is no current. If current is flowing, the strength of the magnetic field will depend on the total current absorption of the end-user. But the electrical field remains constant.

TÜV Rheinland EPS has gained many years of experience in the measurement of electromagnetic fields. Clear reports that provide solutions for clients and questioners.


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