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Product testing
TÜV Rheinland EPS has specialised for the last two decades in the testing of electrical, electronic and telecommunication products.
The field of work of TÜV Rheinland EPS
- Electrical Safety
- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
- Telecommunication
- Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
- Remote fire alarm systems
- Advice and evaluation as a public agency (Notified Body)

We test products on various aspects, including safety. Electrical equipment, for instance, must not cause electromagnetic interference or be susceptible to that kind of interference. TÜV Rheinland EPS uses professional equipment to investigate and establish these matters for you.
ISO 17025 accredited: Research laboratories of unimpeachable quality

The test results and inspection reports of TÜV Rheinland EPS are dependable through and through. Our laboratories are NEN-EN-ISO/17025 accredited. We are also accredited to carry out product certification under EN 45011. TÜV Rheinland EPS has an extremely broad range of test facilities. Tests and inspections are carried out in many cases under the auspices of the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). International (ISO, EN) and national standards have an important role to play here, whether or not prescribed in governmental or sectoral regulations.

Specialist fields in Niekerk
Each establishment of TÜV Rheinland has its own specialist field. In Niekerk we have an independent and internationally recognised (accredited) test laboratory for ISO17025 and EN45011. Based on more than 20 years of experience, TÜV Rheinland EPS supplies high-end services for the testing and certification of electrical, electronic and radio communication equipment. As well as EMC and electrical safety, TÜV Rheinland EPS is known for its huge amount of knowledge and expertise in the areas of remote technologies, such as WiFi, WiMAX, LTR and Zigbee.
Also, TÜV Rheinland EPS is one of the few laboratories able to determine the quantity of RF radiation to which a human body is exposed by means of SAR and EMF readings.

What is the right time to start?
It is advisable to involve us in the development of your product at an early stage. You instinctively believe it could be successful, but it would be a pity if you passed over the technical requirements that your product has to meet. You can count on confidentiality if you involve us in the first stage of your plans so that we can advise you. We will test the prototype, which is always better than waiting until production has started. Once we have tested and approved your prototype, you can rest assured that it meets the requirements of the market you plan to serve.


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